impuls3 – System Processes

Impuls3 has a particular focus on the following product / service development processes:

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Decision-making
  • Testing (Verification / Validation)
  • Risk management
  • Integration
  • Configuration- and Change management

These processes are depicted on a W-shaped development model.

The Requirements traceability is established by the Requirements Engineering process, the Design and Decision-making process. Top-down relations are created between the Requirements and the Design Decisions: is satisfied by; between Design Decisions and derived Requirements: leads to. 
Equivalent bottom-up relations between Requirements and Design Decisions: is derived from and between Design Decisions and Requirements: satisfies


Relations in these diagrams are always read from arrow-tail to arrow-head: “Requirement is derived from Design decision”

The image below depicts a larger data model that includes elements like Concept, Variant, Aspect, Baseline, Implementations and Instances.