Configueres – change history

b7cf3c8- 19may2023 – b7cf3c84dc019bf008e3908b5a48925c25c21d72

  • stylesheets for objects and relations – objects and relations can be formatted using a separate worksheet tab for each one of the them (stylesheet_objects and stylesheet_relations)

    For the objects it is important that the first column is named ‘Object_type3‘ (this name is used in Configueres to specify the object’s format) 

    For the relations, the first column is named ‘Relation type‘.

    Screenshot 2023-05-29 085517

    Attributes for formatting the objects (nodes) and relations (edges) can be found at 


ed1c03c – 6may2023 – ed1c03ce1ea61448c0db33b361f53c62ad949a46

  • filter relation attributes to show in the graphs


cd8526f- 6may2023 – cd8526f49b68bf1114506ed1c6d92f0dd6a74612

  • adjust zoom level after filtering objects to fit the canvas


f26c2888 – 2may2023 – f26c2888278ed06c5cfc9bf82eb96b3da054acad

  • retain zoom level while tapping objects, selecting starting item, conditions and relations