Note: the Configueres app is in the prototype phase.

Configueres visualizes architectures (relationships between objects) and structures of any kind. The user is free to name the objects, assign types to them, relate objects to other objects, add conditions to relations, use both hierarchical and non-hierarchical relations, use exclusive or conditions to manage object variants.

Configueres highlights the content of a structure using a specific point of view, and shows the related objects when looking at the selected objects from a different viewpoint.

Configueres shows and saves the configuration in a hierarchical (Bill-of-Material) manner.

Instructions for use

Help and instruction page for Configueres, a configuration management app.

  • Step 1: upload data
    • Click the Upload data button -> a window pops-up to select the input (MS Excel) file; Example input files can be downloaded from Github (Configueres-pub);
      • Input file with the minimum attributes for the objects and the relations
    • Select the input file -> the UI shows the number of objects, relations and object coordinates found in the input file;
configueres – preparing the data

The Object ID’s must be unique. No restrictions on the Object name. The name of the objects tab must be objects. The label of the objects ID column must be Object ID and the object name column is labelled Object name.

The relation’s ID must be unique. Column labels are Relation ID, From, Relation type, and To. The name of the relations tab in the input file is relations.

  • Step 2: process data
    • Click the Process data button to generate the graph;
visualization of minimum object set Configueres
Visualization of minimal object set
  • Step 3: select starting item, conditions and relations.
Configueres selection options
Visualization after selection of starting item, conditions, and relations.